Friday, March 23, 2007


--It is a golden number we always come across when we are listing priorities. People are so swamped by it that anything and everything that they think about comes in packs of TEN. Don’t believe me?
Let’s look at this:

Best movies of the year; the list goes up to…10.
Favorite songs… again 10.
Talk about the Top Universities; and you obviously mean… The Top 10.
FBI Most Wanted... 10
Heard at what number Downing Street the British Prime Minister lives? Let me guess, 10.
What is our whole number system based on? …10
Wickets to take… 10
GPA, I wish I had… 10
Number of Commandments… they had to be 10
Number of items on this list … intentionally 10

I can list out 10 more things like this but seriously, why do somehow all kinds of broad rankings extend themselves to the figure of 10. And not just rankings, you think of any number and chances are it is going to have a 10 in it. Take Google for instance, a spelling gone wrong of the word Googol. Googol, a humungous number thought right of the blue. You know what that number is -- 10^100, basically 10 multiplied hundred times! I mean people just can’t get enough of it. --

Well, here are my Ten things which feature high on my to do list:

  • Go for a course on Paragliding
  • Learn to play Guitar
  • Get my self a couple of these R/C Cars (A Ford GT Model)
  • Go on a trek in Tibet
  • Read up on Architecture
  • Get completely sloshed out on drink party thrown by a friend
  • Be able to converse with a stranger for more than 10 minutes
  • Get some cooking lessons from Mom
  • Learn Horse Riding
  • Go on without sleeping for a week (no sleeping equivalent to 3 hours/day)

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Anonymous said...

all this is because we have ten fingers.

-- "u know who"