Thursday, May 04, 2006


--- Long time since the last blog. Have been quite busy (read "lazy") lately. But well, semester's nearly over now, these 4 years of life at IIT are coming to an end and have enjoyed every bit of it.

Had prepared this video for the Hostel Nite. A collective effort of many people, this was the farewell video of our passing out batch. As Rishi aptly put it " This is a compilation of characteristic/uncharacteristic videos of each of 6th wingmates, mandakini hostel, IITM. India."

The Google Videos link is given below. If the video is not flowing properly or if its buffering, hit the pause button and give it some time to load.

Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it :) ---

Farewell 2006: Etchings

(Google videos, no download required)

Editing & Direction:
Kokonad "Koke" Sinha
Nitin Parihar
Arpan Nalwaya

Camera & Cinematography:
Arpan Nalwaya
Nikhil Kumar
Kokonad "Koke" Sinha

Behind the Scenes:
Vinay Tibrewal
Rishi P B
Karthik Kamat

Sound tracks:
Safri Duo - Adagio (Starting Sequence)
OST - Pulp Fiction
Los Lobos - Tequila
Grid - Swamp thing
OST - Pink Panther
Offspring - Pretty fly
The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony
Sigur Ros - Hoppipola (Ending Sequence)
Phil Collins - Something happened on the way to heaven (Credits)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mr. Yashwant Sinha as EML guest

---we had our ex-finance minister Mr.Yashwant Sinha here in IITM a few weeks back. He spoke on fiscal deficit, revenue deficit, infrastructure investments, about corporate/excise taxes and profits, even about ice-creams and umbrellas and ofcourse about himself. An excellent example of a standard politician, he never stopped glorifying his party and its policies and his term as finance minister which was when India had prospered and his team and anything and everything that had ever come in contact with him. Obviously he was curt and crisp in his approach towards demeaning the whole budget presented by Mr. Chidambaram. Ripping off the budget on every point that he could find worth assaulting, Mr. Sinha did what any opposing party member would have done.

Now it is no doubt a great achievement for the EML coordinators to get such a largely sought after personality to give a lecture on the budget, but was it really worth it? All we got was, not an analysis, but a criticism of the work done by Mr. Chidambaram and his party. In the end, we were left as ignorant about the budget as we were before. Mr. Sinha was definitely an imposing person with a baronial personality, a person whom you would definitely look up to with respect, but the very purpose of attending the lecture was defeated. Is it the fault of the coordinators or Mr. Sinha is something left upto you to decide. Or probably it was my own mistake to go there with an expectation which clearly looks like a loong shot now that I look back at it.

There was definitely one positive point in attending the lecture for us. I and Nikhil managed to get a corner in a pic in the next day's newspaper :). Deepak and Neha who were sitting just beside me were unfortunately left out. Not that it matters, but now as I come to think about it, it was Nikhil and Deepak in the first place who saved a place for me. Well thanks Deepak ;) Cant stop grinning about it :) ---

" I should be paying a tax of 3% and not 5% because I am not a potato, I am a sweet potato"

"Mr. Chidambaram is in a difficult situtation with everyone breathing down his neck from left, right and centre"

- Mr. Yashwant Sinha

Monday, March 13, 2006

Primary Colors

---had a tiff with deepak the other day about the primary colors. I was of the opinion that RBY are the primary colous and he bet on RBG. The kit-kat we bet never saw the light of the day coz it turned out that both of us were right. If you consider the paints and colors, then RBY are considered primary whereas if you consider wavelength of light, RBG form the primary ones---
---A poem to toast you deepak---

:Point of Color:
Red, Yellow, green, blue...
All colours of different hue...
Which are primary from these three...
Spectrum says deepak and pigments says me...

Both seem right...
From where they stand...
So lets stop this fight...
With a kit-kat in our hand :D

Drifting Ahead...Away

Drifting Ahead...Away

A trickling smile on your face,
A sparkle in eyes which once seemed effaced.
This whole glow never seems to fade,
Feels more than just this when you get placed.

But there's also a corner, a nook, a void,
The one that says that something is not right.
There will be a loss in all that it brings,
And suddenly you twitch coz you feel a sting.

With feelings going numb, you look at the clouds,
Not to inquire or raise a doubt.
You just keep looking ... looking about...
And then again you look at the clouds.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Holding On...

---you know i always wanted to be able to write a poem but never really got anything to wrtie about...this was something I wrote during the 'grind'...anyway needed to write one for my creative writing slot :)---


And he gets up, yet again,

To be knocked down,

yet again,

but he gets up...still

The fight is not yet over,

The bell has not yet rung,

The refree's not blowing his whistle,

just his senses, going numb

Another volley

And he is flat on the ground

But courage...he still holds on to,

and hope...stays around

The match ...continues

With the pain...aggravating,

his strength...seeping,

and the future ...looking bleak.

But, he WILL get up


Monday, February 06, 2006

Tada Falls

---Had gone to Tada Falls quite sometime back. Had written this the next day. God bless you if you can read the whole thing...btw...had great fun there and would recommend that place to anyone interested in a single day trekking---

Tada Falls

Well, my second trip after coming to IIT, although just a single day outing, it was great and different in many ways. Firstly, it was not as pre planned (from the fact that on the night before even at 7:00pm we had no idea how we were going to travel to that place) as the trip to Pondicherry. Secondly, much more exhaustive and more of a trek than a trip. Had read a little bit about the place on the net but it was difficult deciding on the mode of travel and we are glad that we picked on the tourist taxi (not that we had much choice).

Everyone (9 of us in all) got up early, as a good early start was mandatory to enjoy the trek. Enjoyed a damn cheap meal of idlis on a roadside dhaba and reached the Tada forest check post nearly 2 hours after leaving IIT. There we had to shell out 100 bucks for the 2 ambassadors to travel on the road that disappeared on the 1st turn and we had a good bumpy ride up to the point beyond which travel by car was not possible. The drive too was wonderful with a little bit of chitchat and playing dumb charades. No one is going to forget Nikhil enacting ‘Maa’ that time – cracked us all up. If anybody could do that, it had to be him.

We later dispensed the cars near the water stream and proceeded on foot, thus beginning our journey into the flora (not much of fauna that I heard of) and towards the waterfall

We had reached the starting point in good time with the sun dimly lit above the horizon and the atmosphere pleasant for a good morning walk. It was enjoyable to walk through the thin single person passages, crossing water streams on the way and clicking away at every good spot that we could find. Of course having 8 friends along with you is an additional advantage with everyone providing some entertainment on the way. (No, I am not talking about my first photo that was taken without my knowledge). Gautam as usual carried on with his PJ’s and nobody knows why but somehow the most frequently used word that day was ‘hagga’. Of course there were theories that the reason for that was the inability of most of us to perform our daily duties that morning (now c’mon, whaddya expect someone to do at 5:15am?).

Anyway, slowly but steadily we started crossing the dirty trails, the wet streams (one of GP’s jokes J) and the slippery rocks. We experienced nearly all kinds of terrain, of course in their milder form. The walk was pleasant. Initially we were pretty slow, conquering each rock with proper care but improving with each step. This was apparent when we crossed the same stream in a couple of minutes in our return journey that took us atleast 20 min initially. The most exciting part of the trek was the end when we reached the smaller reservoir and could not get any easy way to reach the top. Ankur, our ‘Sherpa’, tried one of the ways but it was too dangerous for others to follow. Even he had given up once but finally managed to climb it. We had to look at some other way to reach the waterfall. Seniors had already said that the last climb was a bit challenging and many people come back from the bottom reservoir itself. Anyway we had reached there early enough and were not going to give in so easily. Had a small ‘fruit’ break there and then started on another path that seemed to lead away from the stream but we kept following it. It was difficult and one good slip could send you banging on the rocks below. Nikhil and me were the ones ahead so that if it turned out to be a wrong path everyone would not have to climb down again. Somehow, all these fundaes, about sending sort of a scout to have a feel of the terrain, climbing up one by one like the movement of a SWAT team, the front person helping up the guy behind him, and each time waiting for the conformation of the front person before going on forward, came naturally to all of us (Ya, I know all this sounds highly exaggerated but believe me it isn’t). Well the second attempt too resulted in a failure since it was not going anywhere near the falls and we started descending back in the direction of the falls. It was then that one of us spotted the way to the falls. Climbed a few more rocks and there we were standing in front of our destination.

Although I had thought that in this trek it was the journey that was the destination but reaching there it felt that had we gone without seeing the two cliffs and the chilling water reservoir (chilling even at 1:00 pm in the afternoon) between them, our journey would have never been complete. We all jumped into the water but atleast I and Ankur could not stay in for more than 45 min. since both of us got cramps even when we were not swimming…just ‘chilling’ out. Friends had a few “rocks on the rocks” as they fondly put it.

Everybody was out by 2:00 and feasting on bread, sauce, cheese spread and bhujia sev. (Trust me, even they were a treat after the long walk and the chilling water). Soon we started our descent and were ourselves surprised at the speed and the effortlessness with which we were able to climb down and back to the two taxis waiting for us. We had one event that needs to be told before I end with this lengthy article. We were somehow, due to difference in walking speed, divided into 2 groups while coming back. Five of us were walking quite carelessly enjoying the scenery when the herd of cows and bulls behind us suddenly got frustrated with our slow speed and started running, which we thought charging, towards us. One look at the black bull behind us was enough to get us on our feet. We made refuge at a small clearing, which was luckily nearby, and waited for the herd to pass on. We had a small break after that and then made our way for the awaiting taxis. Although now as I remember it, it wasn’t that frightful a deal, but at that moment it was our legs which responded faster than our brain. And as if it was not enough, we overtook the bull again at a clearing and just before reaching the cabs it again charged towards us and our reaction was invariably the same although this time we had more space to take cover.

Well, it was the first trek for most of us and all of us were dead tired at the end. Each one of us slept atleast 12 hrs the next day and most of us missed our lunch at the mess. But I guess the trip was worth it and more.

For those of you who have already decided on going there, here are a few tips:

  • Reach there as early as possible. The trip can easily be completed in a day if you reach the starting point in good time around 9:00am and the cool atmosphere is excellent for trekking.

  • Carry enough but not too much water. Around 2 liters per person was sufficient for us for the whole trip. Remember to drink enough water before leaving for the trip.

  • Do not carry too much food. We had sufficed ourselves with bread, sauce, cheese spread and bhujia (namkeen) and a few fruits. Orange, apple and guava are good for such trips, especially orange since it even acts as a substitute for water.

  • Be careful while crossing the streams and walking on rocks. A sprained ankle is the last thing you want on a trip like this.

  • At the waterfall, do not venture too far into the water since we were warned that only a day before a college student had drowned there.

  • Other minor things we took with ourselves: knife, glucose, painkillers (although not used during the trip), tissue napkins and ofcourse, cameras.