Monday, March 13, 2006

Drifting Ahead...Away

Drifting Ahead...Away

A trickling smile on your face,
A sparkle in eyes which once seemed effaced.
This whole glow never seems to fade,
Feels more than just this when you get placed.

But there's also a corner, a nook, a void,
The one that says that something is not right.
There will be a loss in all that it brings,
And suddenly you twitch coz you feel a sting.

With feelings going numb, you look at the clouds,
Not to inquire or raise a doubt.
You just keep looking ... looking about...
And then again you look at the clouds.


Raghu said...

Did you write the poem on ur own? a good one.....

anyway u have been tagged muhahahahaha

Arpan said...

thanks :)