Monday, January 23, 2006

Little Honey

----- Had a conflict with your parents? Tell us about it…Well that was what we were supposed to write about… but I guess my Reynolds™ had something else in mind. Here goes nothing -----

Little Honey


Why don’t they agree the first time itself? Don’t they understand it yet; they can’t win against me. Then why go through that whole drama of throwing tantrums and making a scene in public. What would the onlookers think about me! Had I been in the movies I would have been skiing on dollars right now, but that android on the top of that shelf is worth all that money to me for now. So here goes…

Scene 1.

Take 1.

What!! Just 2 minutes. I had not even warmed up. All that effort to prepare the right strategy, to give the perfect performance, all gone to waste. I should probably sue them for this. But later. I have to give a name to him right now.

Hmm… Dr. Doom. That sounds kinda cool. Right! Dr. Doom, your journey to space, fighting good and super heroes, blowing down planets… Yeah! Your future sounds promising.

Mom and Dad look in a slight foul mood. No problem. I know how to fix that up. I’ll complete that ABCD… thing I have been keeping on hold for so long. That will definitely cheer up Mom. Dad just needs a tight hug. He’ll have kisses to go with it today.

I love my parents.

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